Our credo

Who we are

We are an internationally successful company of German origin operating in the machinery and instrumentation sector. 

At our corporate locations, we are dedicated to social responsibility, environmental consciousness and committed to the common welfare. We have achieved top positions in our market segments due to our consistent implementation of German quality and reliability. What we do, we do well. If we cannot do it well, we do not do it at all. This consistency characterizes us and gives our customers the highest level
of confidence.

What is important to us

As a fifth-generation family-owned company, our entrepreneurial independence and freedom of decision is of particular importance to us.

Therefore, we sustainably operate with wisdom and perseverance and realize stable growth in each of the independently operating business units. We do not believe in hasty actions, short-sighted profit maximization or incalculable risks. Instead, we create economically and technically convincing solutions for our customers with highly motivated employees, comprehensive application knowledge, detailed industry competence and creative innovation.

What we want

As a premium supplier, we are always at the forefront of technological development.

Through our will and our capacity to change, we set the pace when it comes to the utilization of new technologies. This enables us to continuously expand our leading market position. With excellent products, services and solutions, we are the supplier our customers, business partners and employees trust the most. This ensures they will rely on us, our performance and our sense of responsibility, which secures and shapes our company for generations to come.