Everything is fair to begin with 

Open for young talent – prospects for students, graduates, school pupils, apprentices and trainees.

NETZSCH offers internships for students at all its sites, which often turn into a job after students have graduated. School pupils have the opportunity to get a first look at different types of job during mini-internships. NETZSCH offers a number of internships for technical and commercial career paths, as well as dual studies at Selb and Waldkraiburg for electrical, mechanical, production and industrial engineering.

To give young people a fair start in the world of work we follow and recognize the Fair Company rules. Fair Company is a quality initiative that companies can voluntarily sign up to. For newcomers to the world of work and interns, that means:

  • We do not replace full-time positions with interns, voluntary workers, guest students or permanent temps
  • We do not offer interships as a second-best alternative to graduates who have applied for a permanent job
  • We do not attract interns with vague promises of a permanent job down the line
  • We generally offer interships for young people to get an idea of professional life during their formal education
  • We pay interns an adequate allowance