NETZSCH drives transformation forward thanks to Microsoft

NETZSCH Group integrates cloud and AI solutions from Microsoft into all areas of its value chain

The NETZSCH Group is driving its digital transformation with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies from Microsoft. AI will make it easier to share knowledge, work in the office and develop software, for example. NETZSCH is one of the first medium-sized customers to use such Microsoft technologies across all parts of the company and areas of the value chain. The group is adopting a cloud-first approach for the entire organization, leveraging the security, privacy, reliability and leading AI capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

The cloud infrastructure enables the integration of artificial intelligence in various areas. In the first pilot project, an internal knowledge database is being created on the basis of Azure OpenAI Service, which employees can consult via a chat function for technical instructions, for example. In software development, GitHub Copilot will help employees with AI to be more productive and happier when programming. And Copilot for Microsoft 365 should also make office work easier with AI, as Copilot writes emails and evaluates Excel spreadsheets, for example.

„Our collaboration with Microsoft is an important step towards more innovation and growth at the NETZSCH Group. I look forward to exploring new opportunities in the future to help shape the future of mechanical engineering and the associated software technologies.“

Dr. Wolfgang Springer
Director Group IT at NETZSCH

Objective: The holistic digital transformation of the NETZSCH Group through AI

NETZSCH wants to explore the integration of Microsoft solutions in a wide range of key areas. The new projects are not limited to IT, but may also involve controlling processes or similar. NETZSCH benefits not only from AI and other software applications from the entire Microsoft tool landscape, but also from the knowledge of Microsoft experts and the support of partners from the Microsoft Partner Network.

The project covers the following core areas:

Future business: NETZSCH will use digital services to make its own products traceable in aftersales, for example. Other planned projects include online platforms for customers and predictive maintenance.

Finance and operations: In future, NETZSCH will optimize operational processes with SAP on Azure, automate workflows and set up a data platform for reporting and business controlling.

Products and production: NETZSCH will develop intelligent products based on Microsoft solutions and make production more efficient. In addition, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence will be used in research and development.

IT department: NETZSCH will rely on a modern, global and highly scalable Microsoft cloud infrastructure and implement state-of-the-art security functions in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Sentinel.

Employees: NETZSCH will use digital tools to harness the knowledge of its employees for the entire company, qualify them and promote modern collaboration.

„Companies like the NETZSCH Group achieve extensive added value and competitive advantages by integrating Microsoft technologies into their processes and solutions. This digital innovative strength is driving German SMEs forward.“

Oliver Gürtler
Head of SME Business at Microsoft Germany

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