NETZSCH is committed to the Selb site

The NETZSCH Group is strengthening the Selb site with a comprehensive redesign of the company premises in Gebrüder-Netzsch-Straße. With an investment of over 60 million euros, a new campus will be created in the coming years. Construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2025.

Excavators and demolition machines have already been in use for several weeks to prepare for the construction work, heralding the major project at NETZSCH. The "NETZSCH Campus Selb" project is divided into two construction phases, which will have a lasting impact on the site and the workplaces.

First construction phase: NETZSCH Applications Center and energy yard

In the first construction phase, the two-storey NETZSCH Applications Center will be built next to an energy yard. The modern technical center for chemical and battery applications will also meet the hygiene standards for food and pharmaceutical products. The existing application areas of the business unit at the Selb site will be integrated into the new building. Rooms for meetings, measurements, seminars and social interaction are also planned.

Moritz Netzsch, Member of the Executive Board, emphasizes the importance of this construction phase: "The first construction phase of the NETZSCH Campus Selb is a milestone for the positioning of the Grinding & Dispersing Business Unit in the market. We will create unique laboratory environments for our customers." He adds: "We offer our customers the opportunity to further develop their materials using a comprehensive combination of process technology and expert knowledge and to work with us to identify the optimal technology for this."

Second construction phase: New administration building

In the second construction phase, a modern, three-storey administration building with a canteen as well as meeting and event areas is being built. It offers space for 400 employees of Erich NETZSCH B.V. & Co. Holding KG, NETZSCH Feinmahltechnik GmbH, NETZSCH Business Service GmbH, the digital unit NEDGEX and the corporate start-ups.

Construction will take place during ongoing operations, meaning that employees will not move into the new building until it is completed. The existing administrative buildings will then be used for other purposes or demolished.

Visualization of the NETZSCH Campus Selb with a view of the technical center (left) and administration building (right).

Focus on sustainability and resource efficiency 

The NETZSCH Campus Selb project attaches great importance to environmentally friendly and resource-efficient construction. The NETZSCH Group strives to use resources such as building materials, energy and water carefully throughout the entire construction period and over the life cycle of the buildings. The aim is to minimize the ecological impact while maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of the buildings. An impressive 10,000 tons of material have already been moved during the ongoing demolition work, of which around 7,500 tons consist of recyclable mineral material. 

A central element of this concept is energy management, controlled by the newly constructed energy yard. Both the NETZSCH Applications Center and the new administration building are powered by sustainable electricity. This includes the use of heat pump technology, the recovery of energy from processes, the use of photovoltaic systems and the procurement of green electricity. 

With the new campus, NETZSCH is making a clear commitment to the Selb site and sending a strong signal for innovation and sustainability.

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