28 Apr 2014 Press Release

Aggressive gold sludge:

Global demand for gold and silver remains as high as ever. Precious metals are not only sought after by investors, but are indispensable materials in modern industry. However, mining these resources places machines under extreme stress and can increase the already high price of the raw material even further. The sludge of crushed, gold-bearing stone that is transported for chemical ex-traction, for example, is extremely abrasive and can destroy pumping systems within a few days. Adding water does make it possible to convey the product, but also increases the effort required in the gold concentration process. NEMO® pro-gressing cavity pumps from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH are increasing-ly used to save on maintenance and process costs, as they are capable of with-standing the valuable yet problematic medium thanks to smooth pumping tech-nology and exceptionally robust components.