30 Mar 2016 Press Release

Special design enables maintenance of progressing cavity pumps with minimum effort

Time is a critical economic factor today in almost all industry sectors: Customers are increasingly unwilling or unable to wait for deliveries while global competition constantly introduces new products to the market. This means for production that processes must interrelate smoothly and downtimes be avoided as much as possible – including necessary interruptions, e.g. for maintenance and repair. The expert NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme has therefore developed the "Full Service in Place" (FSIP®) concept for pump systems – constituting an inconspicuous but essential process element in many applications. This makes interventions in the pump equipment possible without dismantling from the piping. The new design saves time on inspection, repair and cleaning work while even reducing the required installation space. This approach has proven itself in practice already for several years with the TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pumps, and the FSIP® version of the progressing cavity pump which was introduced at the Achema trade fair will now be available. The pumps are produced in the product range BY and SY in two sizes (NM045 and NM053). During the year, six model sizes (NM045 up to NM105) will be available. The pumps are designed for differential pressure for 6 bar (single-stage) and 12 bar (two-stage). More