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Here you will find current news and important information released by the NETZSCH Business Units of Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps, as well as by the NETZSCH Holding.

World Premier of NETZSCH SmartRemoval

01 Apr 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

Save time and money with the innovative filter hose replacement system もっと読む…

NETZSCH Provides Custom Diluent Injection Pumps for Major Energy Transporter

30 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH ポンプとシステム

With a goal of reaching the highest operational efficiencies at the storage facility, the customer was looking to install a pumping system that would take the heavy crude oil from the tanks and blend it with diluents to lower the viscosity of the crude oil to be pumped to the main pipeline for distribution.もっと読む…

Special design enables maintenance of progressing cavity pumps with minimum effort

30 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH ポンプとシステム

Time is a critical economic factor today in almost all industry sectors: Customers are increasingly unwilling or unable to wait for deliveries while global competition constantly introduces new products to the market. This means for production that processes must interrelate smoothly and downtimes be avoided as much as possible – including necessary...もっと読む…

Progressing cavity pumps provides smooth conveyance of sweetend condensed milk

30 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH ポンプとシステム

For a major U.S. producer of dairy products, NETZSCH has provided NEMO® progressing cavity pumps for the difficult job of transferring sweetened condensed milk out of flash coolers – and as a result, solved a 25-year long pumping problem for the customer. The company, located in Wisconsin, is specialized in liquid concentrated dairy blends. It is one of the...もっと読む…

An Agitator Bead Mill for Dry Fine Grinding

30 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

NETZSCH SpheRho® impresses with unique product advantagesもっと読む…

World Debut on the Dispersion Technology Market

28 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

NETZSCH Epsilon もっと読む…

NETZSCH demonstrates Innovative Strength

17 Mar 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

Three true global Innovations at the POWTECH もっと読む…

Netzsch is offering a free webinar on rubber thermal analysis

23 Feb 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 分析と試験

Netzsch is offering a free webinar on "Highly Flexible – Thermal Analysis on Rubbers," on March 3, 2016. もっと読む…

The s-Jet® now makes it possible to Dry-Grind down to the Submicron Range!

15 Feb 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

NETZSCH again recognized as top employer - excellent working conditions in the Fichtelgebirge

29 Jan 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH グループ

Once again this year, NETZSCH has received the quality seal "Best Employer", which recognizes Germany's best employer. Their position is outstanding: in a nationwide industry comparison for machinery and plant manufacturing, the Selb-based company took 4th place, just behind Trumpf and Bosch.もっと読む…