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Aqui são encontradas notícias atuais e informações importantes publicadas pelas Unidades de Negócios NETZSCH de Análise e Teste, Moagem e Dispersão, e Bombas, como também da Holding NETZSCH.

Dedusting of Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing)

28 Jul 2017 Chemical Industry - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

Limpeza e troca de produto em menos de 30 minutos – A primeira concha CIP do mercado

05 Jul 2017 Food & Confectionery - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

NETZSCH Confectionery estabelece soluções inovativas para atender às mais novas demandas do mercado e assegurar o cumprimento dos mais altos requisitos de higiene.Leia mais…

Cryogenic Grinding

12 May 2017 Chemical Industry - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

NETZSCH has developed an innovative Process for Cryogenic Grinding and Inline ScreeningLeia mais…

NEW High-Capacity Autosampler for DSC & TGA

06 Mar 2017 Press Release - NETZSCH Analisar & Testar

NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing now offers the industry’s highest-capacity autosampler exclusively for their F1 range of TGA (Thermogravimetric Analyzer) and DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) instruments to dramatically boost sample throughput and make routine thermal analysis work more efficient. Leia mais…

NETZSCH intensifies Activities in the Minerals Sector with the Acquisition of Ecutec

18 Nov 2016 Minerals & Mining - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

The NETZSCH Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing, with headquarters in Selb, will acquire the company Ecutec Barcelona SL effective 17 November 2016. Leia mais…

Alpha® Technologies and NETZSCH Join in a Collaborative Partnership

24 Oct 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Analisar & Testar

Akron, OH and Selb, Germany – October 20, 2016 – Alpha® Technologies and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing are coming together to form a collaborative sales partnership. This alliance will enable the companies to broaden their capabilities within the rubber and polymer industry.Leia mais…

The New EPLEXOR 500N at the K2016 – For Testing of Materials under Real-Life Conditions in the Ultra High-Force Range

18 Oct 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Analisar & Testar

The new NETZSCH GABO EPLEXOR is an easy-to-use, modular testing instrument for the thermo-mechanical characterization of various materials such as plastics, rubbers, composites, metals and ceramics. The electrodynamic oscillator generates defined deformations across a wide frequency and tempera-ture range. Leia mais…

Get to Know Proteus® at K 2016!

18 Oct 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Analisar & Testar

NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing is putting its unique measurement and evaluation software in focus at the K 2016 under the slogan “Meet Proteus®”. Proteus® is the most powerful, fastest and the most intelligent software assistant in the Thermal Analysis world. It allows for results to be obtained with just one click.Leia mais…

The Best of Both Worlds - SmartRemoval has revolutionized filter hose changing

04 Oct 2016 Chemical Industry - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

This new type of filter hose changing system combines the advantages of conventional Top- und Side Removal Systems in one product.Leia mais…

Dry Finest Grinding into the Submicron Range - Fivefold Increase in Throughput

26 Aug 2016 Minerals & Mining - NETZSCH Moagem & Dispersão

During every grinding process whether wet or dry, fine particles have a tendency to reagglomerate. This tendency increases as the particles become finer.Leia mais…