We are there for each other

NETZSCH takes responsibility for others by supporting selected social, cultural and humanitarian projects. We focus our commitment on the local region and the social environment our employees live in.

For many years, NETZSCH has therefore been supporting ZUKUNFT-KINDER e.V. in Selb, Germany and Gracious Home in Chennai, India and a number of cultural events such as the Youth Orchestra Academy and the Henri Marteau international violin competition, as well as local sports clubs and many other causes.

The following are a few examples of our social commitment.



ZUKUNFT-KINDER (Future Children) are schoolchildren in the Selb region, who attend an out of school center every day. There are 400 children in 9 out of school centers. NETZSCH has been actively supporting ZUKUNFT-KINDER e.V. since it was founded in 1998.

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Gracious Home, India - Empowering for Life

This is the guiding principle of Gracious Home, a social organization in Chennai in Southern India. The home cares for "destitutes", who are people rejected by society. NETZSCH primarily supports the maintenance of the building and the home, as well as care and education for the children.

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Fair Company

We believe in fair rules for interns, trainees and newcomers to the world of work. We have received the Fair Company seal of quality as a result and have voluntarily undertaken to comply with the Fair Company rules.

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German-Indian Management Studies (GIMS)

NETZSCH supports the German-Indian Management Studies masters program at the Hof University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore, India.

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Germany Scholarship

NETZSCH promotes talent by supporting the Germany Scholarship. The Scholarship was first awarded in the summer semester of 2011 and is designed to support current students and students just beginning their studies whose past achievements show they are likely to be high achievers in further education and their careers. Support consists of 300 Euros per month and generally lasts for two semesters, but may continue for the standard period of study.

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