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Here you will find current news and important information released by the NETZSCH Business Units of Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps, as well as by the NETZSCH Holding.

GammaVita Premix Tank

05 Sep 2014 Press Release - 耐驰研磨和分散

Over the years, the requirements for premix tanks have steadily grown, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, features such as hygienic design or high-quality stainless steel construction alone are no longer sufficient to fulfill the specific challenges for flexible and safe processes in the pharmaceuticals world.阅读更多…

TORNADO® rotary lobe pump reliably diverts up to 200 m³ an hour of waste water with varying consistency during work on sewers

27 Aug 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

Almost 10 percent of public sewers in Germany are between 76 and 100 years old; the majority have been in service for 26 to 50 years according to the 'German Association for Water, Waste Water and Waste Management' (DWA).阅读更多…

NETZSCH Provides Custom Diluent Injection Pumps for Major Energy Transporter

21 Aug 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

With a goal of reaching the highest operational efficiencies at the storage facility, the customer was looking to install a pumping system that would take the heavy crude oil from the tanks and blend it with diluents to lower the viscosity of the crude to be pumped to the main pipeline for distribution.阅读更多…

NETZSCH wins Global Product Leadership Award 2014

11 Aug 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

NETZSCH has achieved vision alignment by nurturing the engineering talents within the company to create a great company culture. Due to these factors, NETZSCH has successfully gained a large customer base globally and, at the same time, has created a strong brand value. 阅读更多…

NETZSCH Upstream conveys extremely difficult media on oil and gas fields

11 Jul 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

Despite all efforts to promote renewable energies, global demand for crude oil and natural gas has continued unabated. Prices are rising and interest in opening up new sources, including unconventional sources, is rising with them.阅读更多…

Specially designed pump with bridge breaker and injection of lubricant used to pump non-flowable thickened sludge

11 Jul 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

More than 1.8 million tons of sludge was produced in communal sewage plants in Germany in 2012. The greatest proportion of this is burnt for energy recovery or used as manure in agriculture. In addition, the sludge is also used for composting and in landscaping.阅读更多…

Dosing pumps for various applications from a single source

11 Jul 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

A platinum mine needed dosing systems for flocculants, anti-foaming agents and flushing water on critical seals. The operator had originally intended to use different types of pumps for these various applications: peristaltic pumps for the flocculants, progressing cavity pumps for the anti-foaming agents and centrifugal pumps for the seal water.阅读更多…

Problem-free pump operation – in any situation

11 Jul 2014 Press Release - 耐驰泵和系统

During the recommissioning of an iron ore mine in Swaziland that had been shut down, the consultant appointed by the mining company was initially planning to install a NEMO® progressing cavity pump which he had already had good experience of in the past.阅读更多…

Webinar for Thermomechanical Analysis Imparts Basics to Beginners

10 Jul 2014 Press Release - 耐驰分析和检测

New name, renowned products – NETZSCH-CONDUX becomes NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik

30 Jun 2014 Press Release - 耐驰研磨和分散

The company NETZSCH CONDUX Mahltechnik GmbH will be renamed NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH as of 1st July, 2014.阅读更多…