24 Jul 2015 Press Release

Modified progressing cavity pumps used to convey wine and mash sensitively

Wine is one of the most sensitive drinks in the world. Even small disturbances during production can significantly reduce the quality. But as a lot of the steps in the process – particularly transportation of the grape juice – are unavoidable, the largest winery in Northern Italy uses a unique pump from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH to convey its wine sensitively. The progressing cavity technolo-gy installed in the pump gently transports the juice without pulsation or fluctua-tions in pressure, regardless of the fact that the pipe is more than two kilometres long. The pump is even mobile thanks to a wheeled carriage and can be moved between the tanks. The special conveying technology is also in action at an early stage of wine production, as it is specially adapted to pump even abrasive and acidic mash without damaging the system or the sensitive grape pulp.