The NETZSCH Group consists of three business units under the umbrella of the Erich NETZSCH B.V. & Co. Holding KG (ENH).

Under the parent company of the Erich NETZSCH Holding B.V. & Co. KG, our legally independent operative entities each carry their own market presence within the framework of the international group organization. Our management and organizational structure is designed to meet market and efficiency needs and does not necessarily mirror the company legal structures. 

The Global Managing Team 

The Global Managing Team consists of the Management Team from the Erich NETZSCH Holding and the CEOs of the Business Units.

This structure serves to engender discussions and the formation of comprehensive opinions as well as to prepare for decision-making on topics of group-wide relevance such as synergies. A consensus of opinion is sought; if one is reached, the Global Managing Team has decision-making authority. In case of a conflict, the final decision rests with the Management Team from the holding.