Thermal Analysis, Accelerating Rate Calorimetry, Determination of Thermophysical Properties

Wet and Dry Grinding, Mixing, Dispersing, De-aearation and Classifying

Progressing Cavity Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps, Barrel Emptying Pumps, Macerators


15 Sep – 18 Sep 2015

Process Expo

United States
Chicago, IL

20 Oct – 23 Oct 2015



25 Oct – 28 Oct 2015

AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition

United States
Orlando, FL

Press Releases

NETZSCH presents their broad range of positive displacement pumps for all sectors of the chemical industry
24 Jul 2015 Press Release

Industrial chemistry defines all areas of life in the modern world, from the basic materials for pharmaceuticals to new materials for mechanical engineering. And the range of media that has to be processed in chemical plants for all those applications is just as broad. For the pump systems that are used, such diversity represents an enormous challenge, as...Read more…

Modified progressing cavity pumps used to convey wine and mash sensitively
24 Jul 2015 Press Release

Wine is one of the most sensitive drinks in the world. Even small disturbances during production can significantly reduce the quality. But as a lot of the steps in the process – particularly transportation of the grape juice – are unavoidable, the largest winery in Northern Italy uses a unique pump from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH to convey its wine...Read more…

TORNADO® Pumps make good Economic Sense
24 Jul 2015 Press Release

Membrane Technology is a rapidly-growing application in wastewater treatment. It is a combination of membrane ultra-filtration with traditional biological treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater. The ultra-filtration is used to separate the effluent (clear water) from active sludge. For more than 10 years TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps are used reliably...Read more…

Custom Vertical Progressing Cavity Sump Pump Provided for Oil Storage Application
22 Jul 2015 Press Release

When a major energy pipeline company looked to streamline their pumping system for their waste oil tanks for the temporary storage, they called on NETZSCH to design and build customized vertical cavity sump pumps for lower maintenance and operational efficiencies. Along the customer’s pipeline are pumping stations needed to power the liquid fuels through the...Read more…