Sustainability in the NETZSCH Group

We take responsibility in the company, in production, for our products and in the global supply chain.

Green goes beyond the corporate colors: active environmental protection is now one of the most important tasks in every modern company. At NETZSCH, environmental protection and sustainability have always played a central role. We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility.

Green Growth

As part of our “Green Growth” program, our goal is to reduce energy consumption in all NETZSCH production facilities and assembly locations worldwide by 3.5% annually - based on the emission values from 2019. Here we process Scope 1 and 2 according to the Definition of the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG).


We achieve this program goal with the following measures, among others:

  • Improvement of energy efficiency in production and assembly.
  • In the future, new NETZSCH buildings will also be designed to be CO₂-neutral.
  • Expansion of the company's own renewable energy generation through photovoltaics or other energy sources such as groundwater use with heat pumps
  • Switching energy procurement to 100% green electricity.


The data collection for Scope 3 has also started. Here, the emissions of the supply chain (upstream & downstream) as well as, for example, goods & services, capital goods, transport & sales, waste, processing and use of sold products are identified and documented with regard to their CO2 footprint.

CO2 neutrality by 2045

On our own initiative, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming CO2 neutral within the NETZSCH Group by 2045 at the latest.

Sustainability reporting in 2025

The new EU directive on corporate sustainability reporting (CSRD - Corporate Social Responsibility Directive) requires the NETZSCH Group to prepare a report by 2025.

Accordingly, we will report on the impact of our own business operations on people and the environment as well as on the impact of sustainability aspects on the company.

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