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Dear valued business partner and customer,
we regret to inform you that our network has been compromised. We therefore immediately did the needful and shut down our network. As a consequence, most of our communication channels are temporarily blocked. The recovery process has been started with full focus. Once recovered, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.

Your NETZSCH Team 

Il gruppo NETZSCH è un‘azienda tecnologica internazionale, a direzione familiare, con sede principale in Germania. I settori Analisi & Prove, Triturazione & Dispersione e Pompe & Sistemi assicurano soluzioni individuali ad altissimo livello. Più di 3.700 dipendenti in 36 Paesi e una rete mondiale di vendita e assistenza garantiscono la vicinanza al cliente e servizi competenti.

Promettiamo ai nostri clienti Proven Excellence, ovvero prestazioni eccezionali in tutti i settori. Il nostro desiderio di raggiungere questo obiettivo è ineguagliabile e ci guida costantemente dal 1873.

Business Unit Analyzing & Testing

Analisi & Prove

Analisi Termica, Calorimetria Adiabatica di Reazione, Determinazione delle Proprietà Termofisiche

Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing

Macinazione & Dispersione

Macinazione di prodotti umidi e secchi, Miscelazione, Dispersione, Deaerazione e Setacciamento

Business Unit Pumps & Systems

Pompe & Sistemi

Pompe Monovite, Pompe a Lobi Rotanti, Sistemi di Dosaggio, Pompe per Industria Petrolifera, Maceratori


Fiera 25 Aug – 27 Aug 2020


Federazione Russa

Fiera 15 Sep – 17 Sep 2020

EuroCoat 2020


Fiera 05 Jul – 08 Jul 2020



Press Releases

Paul Netzsch to expand the Executive Board of the NETZSCH Group

07 Jan 2020 Press Release - Gruppo NETZSCH

Selb – Paul Netzsch will be appointed Member of the Executive Board of Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding KG as of 1 April 2020. With the 33-year-old business economist, one more member of the shareholder family will head the NETZSCH Group. In the future, Paul Netzsch along with Moritz Netzsch and Jens Niessner will manage NETZSCH as a three-member body.  Approfondisci…

NETZSCH successfully brings Action against Trademark Infringement

13 Nov 2019 Press Release - Gruppo NETZSCH

Modified forms of the NETZSCH trademarks Premier Mill and ZETA were being used by a Chinese competitor (Puhler Feinmahltechnik GmbH, Guangzhou). After Puhler also appeared on the American market with the NETZSCH brands, it was possible to successfully combat these trademark infringements. The US courts found Puhler’s rendering of our Premier Mill P logo and... Approfondisci…

Jens Niessner confirmed as CFO of the NETZSCH Group effective 1 August 2019

13 Oct 2019 Press Release - Gruppo NETZSCH

Selb – On 1 August 2019, the NETZSCH Group, headquartered in Selb named Diplom-Kaufmann Jens Niessner to the permanent position of Member of the Executive Board for Finance, Controlling and M+A. He took over this function on 1 January 2019 on an interim basis, in addition to his management duties for NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH, Waldkraiburg (NPS). He has... Approfondisci…

New, Efficient Process for the Rounding of Graphite

11 Oct 2019 Chemical Industry - NETZSCH Macinazione & Dispersione

Due to its use as a material for anodes in lithium-ion-batteries, graphite is of great importance in the context of electromobility. In order to obtain the high purity required for battery applications, the finely-distributed, so-called flake graphite which occurs naturally in stone, must be processed in various steps. Approfondisci…