NETZSCH グループは、ドイツに本社を置く国際的なテクノロジー企業です。 ”Analyzing & Testing”、”Grinding & Dispersing”および”Pumps & Systems” の事業分野では、個々のニーズに応じた最高水準のソリューションを提供して います。36 か国に 3,700 名以上の従業員を擁する当社は、世界的な販売・サービスネットワークを通じて、 お客様に寄り添い、 優れたサービスを保証いたし ます。

1873 年の創業以来、当社がたゆみなく実現し続けて参りました高い理念、全ての点で最高のパフォーマンスをご提供できていること – Proven Excellence –を今後もご提供することをお約束申し上げます。

Business Unit Analyzing & Testing



Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing



Business Unit Pumps & Systems


容積式キャビティポンプ、ロータリーローブポンプ、投薬ポンプシステム、バレルポンプ、 パルプ製造機


商品展示会 22 Mar – 24 Mar 2021

ArabLab 2021


商品展示会 11 Mar – 13 Mar 2021

Paint India 2021


商品展示会 27 Apr – 29 Apr 2021

ELMIA Water & Waste Water 2021


Press Releases

Food Tech Innovation Award Finalist

11 Nov 2020 Food & Confectionery - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

Our NETZSCH Fine Impact Mill Condux® Compact has been selected as a finalist for the Fi Innovation Awards 2020 in the category "Food Tech Innovation Award". もっと読む…

Fine-cutting mill with rotating classifying feature

05 Nov 2020 Food & Confectionery - NETZSCH 粉砕と分散

The SecoMy® range of NETZSCH cutting mills comprises rapidly running cutting mills with a high rate of cuts for the ultrafine grinding of cuttable materials もっと読む…

Paul Netzsch to expand the Executive Board of the NETZSCH Group

07 Jan 2020 Press Release - NETZSCH グループ

Selb – Paul Netzsch will be appointed Member of the Executive Board of Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding KG as of 1 April 2020. With the 33-year-old business economist, one more member of the shareholder family will head the NETZSCH Group. In the future, Paul Netzsch along with Moritz Netzsch and Jens Niessner will manage NETZSCH as a three-member body.  もっと読む…

NETZSCH successfully brings Action against Trademark Infringement

13 Nov 2019 Press Release - NETZSCH グループ

Modified forms of the NETZSCH trademarks Premier Mill and ZETA were being used by a Chinese competitor (Puhler Feinmahltechnik GmbH, Guangzhou). After Puhler also appeared on the American market with the NETZSCH brands, it was possible to successfully combat these trademark infringements. The US courts found Puhler’s rendering of our Premier Mill P logo and... もっと読む…