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Here you will find current news and important information released by the NETZSCH Business Units of Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps, as well as by the NETZSCH Holding.

NETZSCH Launches New Academy Website Offering Free Know-How for the Analysis, Characterization and Identification of Materials

02 Nov 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Analiz & Test

On November 2, 2015 NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH announced the official launch of its new

supplementary website:

Okumaya devam et…

Robust grinder prevents shutdown of system due to coarse material in the biomass or sludge

14 Oct 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

In order to be economically viable, biogas plants today must be able to be oper-ated using a variety of energy crops and bio waste. However, changing sources can rapidly become a problem for the operating company. The consistency and composition of the biomass is always changing and therefore difficult to predict. Coarse material may continue to block lines...Okumaya devam et…

New sizes of the TORNADO® T2 all-metal rotary lobe pumps – specifically for hygiene applications

14 Oct 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

The smaller version of the TORNADO all-metal pump T.Proc® and T.Sano® – eagerly awaited by the market – with delivery rate up to 8 m³/h and for back pressures from 8 or 10 bar and specifically developed for lower volumetric flows in the food and process industry, is now available. This pump meets the high demands of chemical and hygienic industrial...Okumaya devam et…

NETZSCH introduces screw pumps for a wide variety of media

14 Oct 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

An application in media delivery can often be handled by using different pump types. However, optimum results and material-preserving transport require rather exact matching of the pump to the different parameters such as viscosity, temperature, NPSH value or shear sensitivity. NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH therefore supplements its portfolio of progressing...Okumaya devam et…

NETZSCH Dissolvers with the Promise of Quality "Made in Germany"

21 Sep 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Öğütme & Dispersiyon

Under the motto "from the region – for the region," since the beginning of 2015, NETZSCH has been manufacturing its dissolvers, also known as MasterMix®, in four locations worldwide.Okumaya devam et…

NETZSCH Pumps and GR Energy Services Announce Exclusive Distribution Deal for U.S. Oil & Gas Upstream Market

12 Aug 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

EXTON, PENNSYLVANIA (July 7, 2015)—NETZSCH Pumps and GR Energy Services have announced an agreement that positions GR Energy Services as the exclusive U.S. distributor for NETZSCH progressing cavity pumps (PCPs). In addition to the distribution cooperation, GR has acquired the existing NETZSCH Pump Sales & Service Centers in Bakersfield, CA, and Odessa, TX....Okumaya devam et…

LFA (Light Flash Apparatus) Termal Difüzyon ve İletkenlik Test Cihazı - 1250°C’ye kadar

11 Aug 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Analiz & Test

NETZSCH halihazırda 2013 yılında tanıttığı ZoomOptics özellikli yeni sistemi LFA 467 HyperFlash® modeli ile sektördeki başarısını kanıtlamıştır. Neredeyse iki yıl sonra, NETZSCH tekrar yeni LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® modeli ile gelişimci ruhunu sergilemiştir.Okumaya devam et…

NETZSCH presents their broad range of positive displacement pumps for all sectors of the chemical industry

24 Jul 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

Industrial chemistry defines all areas of life in the modern world, from the basic materials for pharmaceuticals to new materials for mechanical engineering. And the range of media that has to be processed in chemical plants for all those applications is just as broad. For the pump systems that are used, such diversity represents an enormous challenge, as...Okumaya devam et…

Modified progressing cavity pumps used to convey wine and mash sensitively

24 Jul 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

Wine is one of the most sensitive drinks in the world. Even small disturbances during production can significantly reduce the quality. But as a lot of the steps in the process – particularly transportation of the grape juice – are unavoidable, the largest winery in Northern Italy uses a unique pump from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH to convey its wine...Okumaya devam et…

TORNADO® Pumps make good Economic Sense

24 Jul 2015 Press Release - NETZSCH Pump & Sistemler

Membrane Technology is a rapidly-growing application in wastewater treatment. It is a combination of membrane ultra-filtration with traditional biological treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater. The ultra-filtration is used to separate the effluent (clear water) from active sludge. For more than 10 years TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps are used reliably...Okumaya devam et…