We celebrated 150 Years around the globe!

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2023 was an extraordinary year for NETZSCH! 

For our 150th birthday, we celebrated with all our employees around the globe. With a total of 6 events on 4 continents, we toasted 150 years of Proven Excellence!  
We have compiled a small insight into our anniversary celebrations for you here.



Our Indian colleagues kicked off the series of events celebrating our 150th anniversary with a brilliant party on April 1, 2023. Around 300 guests acclaimed exuberantly and colorfully into the night.

The General Managers of all three Indian business units - Norman Vivek (Pumps & Systems), Anton Benjamin (Grinding & Dispersing), Rajesh Balasubramaniam (Analyzing & Testing) - welcomed their employees at a perfectly chosen location on the beach in Goa. Together with their companions, they experienced an anniversary evening full of splendor and traditions.

The General Management Team of the NETZSCH Group also made their way to India to be part of the first event. Paul NETZSCH, Jens Niessner, Ingo Rädisch, Jürgen Blumm (interim) as well as Felix Kleinert and Andreas Denker experienced a colorful and lively celebration.



The next big anniversary celebration in North America followed on April 22, 2023. More than 250 employees from all business units gathered on Saturday evening at Drexelbrook, a venue in Philadelphia.

Good music, lively conversation and happy dancing created a convivial atmosphere that will be long remembered by all those present. Our CEOs Moritz NETZSCH, Paul NETZSCH and Jens Niessner, together with shareholder Dr. Claudia NETZSCH and the Managing Director Andreas Denker (Pumps & Systems) and Ingo Rädisch (Grinding & Dispersing), also traveled especially from Germany to attend the celebration.

We would like to thank all the organizers who made this great event possible.



The third anniversary event was also a complete success and will be remembered by all guests for a long time. A total of 276 colleagues and their companions from the NETZSCH locations in Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and Korea celebrated a lavish party at "The Landmark" hotel in Bangkok on April 29. They were delighted to welcome the Member of Executive Board Moritz NETZSCH, Paul NETZSCH and Jens Niessner as well as Ingo Rädisch, CEO of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing.

A casual cocktail reception opened the exhibition in the foyer on the history of the NETZSCH Group. Those who paid close attention were allowed to test their knowledge in a small quiz during dinner and enjoy a gift. The evening was musically accompanied by an international band and the dance group Sakkarathewarat. Their traditional performance showed a royal ceremony, the connection to the Buddhist faith as well as the expression of gratitude. Of course, the culinary delights of the Thai menu were also highly praised. A special highlight was certainly the anniversary cake weighing an incredible 75 pounds (approx. 34 kg).

The event also provided an opportunity to thank our long-serving employees. A total of 12 colleagues were honored for their 10, 15 and 20 years of service. A special honor was also the visit of Kunihiro Ichida, President of our long-standing joint venture partner Heishin (Japan).

The NETZSCH Group can proudly look back on this successful event and is grateful for the success achieved by its employees in Southeast Asia & Oceania. This event confirms that the company is on the right track and gives hope for many more successful years to come.



On May 6, 2023, colleagues in Brazil celebrated a great anniversary event in the heart of Blumenau. The event was of special significance because two anniversaries were celebrated here at once: 50 years of NETZSCH no Brasil and 150 years of the NETZSCH Group. 


The combination of German brass music and Brazilian groove brought the guests into ecstasy and created a unique atmosphere that reflected the bond between the two cultures. About 2,000 guests were warmly welcomed in the evening by Moritz NETZSCH, Paul NETZSCH and Jens Niessner. They were also honored by the presence of Melanie NETZSCH, Charlotte NETZSCH and Elli NETZSCH at the German Village Park (Parque Vila Germânica). Also on site were the CEOs of the three business units Dr. Jürgen Blumm (Analyzing & Testing - Interrimistic), Ingo Rädisch (Grinding & Dispersing) and Felix Kleinert and Andreas Denker (Pumps & Systems). The huge halls were lovingly decorated and reflected the German-Brazilian friendship. 


The kick-off was given by the Managing Directors of the three business units in Brazil Osvaldo Ferreira (Pumps & Systems), João Mesquita (Analyzing & Testing) and Julio Nienow de Carvalho (Grinding & Dispersing). With their inspiring speeches, they emphasized the successes and milestones of the past years. After the NETZSCH Group CEOs' speach and the release of the anniversary video, the guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet. Two live bands heated up the atmosphere and ensured that no one could sit still. 


A special attraction were certainly the various Bavarian games, including wood sawing, barrel rolling and beer mug lifting. With thunderous applause, the employees were driven to top performance. By the way: Even our management did not miss the opportunity to take part in one or the other game.


This event was truly memorable, highlighting our close connection with employees and our long-standing presence in the country. Undoubtedly, this evening will go down in corporate history as a moment of joy, pride and fellowship. 



On June 4/5, 2023, colleagues in China celebrated a great anniversary event in Qiyun Town near Lanzhou. The event was of special significance, as two anniversaries and a foundation stone laying were celebrated here at the same time: 30 years of NETZSCH (Lanzhou) Pumps Co., Ltd., 150 years of the NETZSCH Group and the starting signal for the expansion of the production plant in the Dinglian Industrial Park in Lanzhou.

Around 1000 colleagues from the Chinese sites, especially from Lanzhou and Shanghai, experienced many special highlights on both days. The first day began with an official opening ceremony. Paul NETZSCH and Charlotte NETZSCH, Moritz NETZSCH, Dr. Jürgen Blumm, Andreas Denker, Felix Kleinert and Jörg Lengenfelder were present as guests of honor from Germany.
After a festive lunch, the participants were able to try out a variety of leisure activities, including go-karting, a climbing course, quad biking, paintball and a visit to a 3D cinema. There was something for everyone and fun for the whole family was guaranteed. In the evening there was a big party with barbecue and beer, accompanied by a live band and later by a DJ. The highlight of the evening was a big fire with a performance of traditional dances.

On the second day, the staff was allowed to explore the Lanzhou area on a sightseeing tour. This was followed by an exclusive theater performance in the late afternoon. The day ended with a boat tour on the Yellow River.

The anniversary event in Lanzhou was a great success and offered participants not only the opportunity to get to know each other better and to network, but also an enjoyable time out with exciting activities and entertainment. The management is pleased with the positive response and thanks all participants for their participation and congratulated the organizers on the success of this extraordinary event.



Around 2,850 colleagues and their companions were still thrilled by last weekend. Because on July 22, 2023, the locations from Europe and Africa celebrated an impressive anniversary event under a white and blue sky in the impressive Motorworld of the Bavarian capital Munich.

The day before, many guests traveled by plane to Germany, where they were met by hostesses and taken to the hotel by a shuttle service. On the day of the event itself, further guests arrived by coach, car, train and plane and checked into the reserved rooms of the nine hotels. Full of expectations, they set off from 3:30 p.m. in the direction of the event site. A total of 45 buses were on duty for NETZSCH during the days. Upon arrival, the colleagues were welcomed by hostesses and flying boards. They sent the guests through an impressive exhibition of valuable and exclusive vehicle brands to the festival grounds with more than 17,000 sqm. Welcomed by the Global Management Team and the Egertaler brass band from Selb, the guests entered the NETZSCH Plaza. A large beer garden with culinary delicacies of German and Austrian cuisine - covered by a breathtaking Magic Sky. Fortified, every guest could enjoy the atmosphere and explore the event area with the pocket guide. Of course, the obligatory tapping of the barrel was not to be missed. This was done by Jens Niessner, who was assisted by a colleague. Ozapft is!

The opening ceremony in the 5,000 square meter market hall was the first highlight of the evening. In six languages, Moritz NETZSCH, Paul NETZSCH, Jens Niessner, Dr. Jürgen Blumm, Andreas Denker and Ingo Rädisch warmly welcomed the guests. An opening film offered an impressive review of the international anniversary events in India, North America, South America, South East Asia & Oceania and China. Followed by an entertaining speech of the CEOs, the four beatboxers of the band "Razzzones" took over the stage and performed the song "Ein Hoch auf uns", which was especially rewritten for NETZSCH. The moderation was done by Nadine Kreutzer - charming and bilingual.